"How blessed is he who considers the helpless..." Psalm 41:1

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Updates... tents and visas

Chris (orphanage director) is headed to the Embassy tomorrow morning with 56 children that comprise groups 1 & 2. If their visas are finalized they could be headed to OH on an American Airlines flight

Group 1 - Children who are sick and needing medical attention

Group 2 - Children whose papers where in IBESR (second legal) and beyond

Group 3 - Children who qualify for the Humanitarian parole but are not yet in second legal

Isaac and I are in group 3 (i think), but I got a message from my mom that she heard from Tasha they were moving him to group 1 since he is sick!

The tents arrived today and they were setting them up for sleeping quarters. Finally some shelter. Supplies were ok – but they are VERY excited to get the shipment coming in from those at the DR border tonight. They are in DIRE NEED of diapers! Oh imagine that one!
Chris mentioned that we want to be prepared as parents for is the fact that many children are taking the earthquakes well, but many also seem to be terrified to go into buildings because they’ve seen the devastation when buildings have collapsed. She said they are VERY excited but are also upset realizing that they are going to be splitting up very soon.
Continue to.... you guessed it! PRAY

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Denisse said...

Oh I hope Isaac is getting better