"How blessed is he who considers the helpless..." Psalm 41:1

Friday, January 22, 2010

Updates... embassy and the wait

They 56 kids spent last night at the US Embassy in Haiti to be the first ones in line. Important to know that no visas were denied. There was only a paper chase to get more documents so today we hope they could get these processed. If you call your Senators continue to thank them for the job they are doing. We need the Embassy to move forward. 

Then later we receive this text from orphanage director: EMBASSY STONEWALLING; MOBILIZE U.S. SENATORS.

It's frustrating to say the least. But we have to remember that we have wonderful people taking care of our children. They have what they need. Isaac may be sick (vomiting and diarrhea), but he is in good hands. 

We don't have any news, but another adoptive family helped us understand why there isn't any. Having been to that embassy, they take your cell phone away before you go through security. If you go out and use it, you must go back through security and the lines are long on a good day.

Another family adopting from HIS Home sent a message for Chris and Hal today. The Canadian government is coming to pick up and take 86 canadian kids home. We are all so happy for these children. Praise God some families are being united. Oh don't I wish I were Canadian!

P.S. Both UNICEF and RED CROSS have been very vocal in the media about their anti-adoption sentiments. And supposedly "UNICEF verbally assaulted Stephanie Thoet with A Love Beyond Borders just last night as she helped load two childrne on a plane to the Netherlands. She said that she feared her safety and the safety of the children. The Netherlands officials contacted their government and the government in fact HAD approved their evacuation. This is a very, very serious situation. These children need to get out! They have families!"

Adoption Task Force sounds like a great asset we may just need to give them time to get up & going.



Kristen said...

i don't understand why the US is delaying, but many children are going to Canada?? i'll probably never understand. we'll just keep praying and praying... much love to you all. i hope isaac is feeling better very soon.

bri-bri said...

still praying for you and hoping you'll have your little guy in your arms again soon.