"How blessed is he who considers the helpless..." Psalm 41:1

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Prayers and Support for People I ♥

There are a few people that I am close to that I'd like all of my loved ones and followers to support in any way they can and to keep in their prayers. I truly believe in lifting one another up and want to make an effort in putting that into action. 

So often we repost jokes, tweets, photos, etc... we should treat the other harder, deeper, or more serious content the same. These lives and stories have been an inspiration to me and to others around them. 

First, is my sister. She has been volunteering and working both in Haiti with Dorothy Pearce at Faith Hope Love Infant Rescue and with Much Ministries in Waynesville, GA. I am hoping to visit there in October this year:) Please check out the web site for either of the organizations or her blog. The stories and the work never cease to amaze me. It is such a blessing in my life to read about and experience some of these things after dealing with so much selfishness and negativity in the world.

Second, is Mrs. Colleen Drury. I have an enormous amount of respect for this woman... and her oldest daughter is one of my bestest. Colleen is experiencing a recurrence of ovarian cancer and all I ask is that my biggest supporters include her and the Drury family in your prayers. She is very strong and hoping to be a part of a clinical trial at the AZ Cancer Center. You can read and see photos on their blog site Meet The New Super Woman. PS. Nicole & Billy are now expecting their second baby so pray for a healthy and happy pregnancy. 

Love you all 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


this morning i got this email from my lawyer. praise god. soon i'll be moving into 2nd legal (refer to the post about all the steps to go thru and timeline). so this is big also because i don't meet the minimum age requirement. please continue to pray for us. 

Hi Amanda,
This is to confirm that all the documents received from you have been legalized by MOFA. The clerck of Justice of Peace will bring me the PVA signed by the judge before the end of this week.
Ketlie T. Woolley

Divorced Single Parent

...No never been married... But sometimes i feel like a divorced parent. I think about Isaac so much and when I go places like Disneyland, a baseball, soccer, football game, or walk by (or thru) a toy store, or ride in a helicopter i think about him. Then naturally i want to buy something for him. I really don't want to spoil him. I want his demeanor to be more like the children he lives with now in Haiti who are content with simple things. I'm torn. I understand the divorced parent who wants to buy material things for their kid to make up for lost time. What a strange feeling. Nothing can substitute for time. Quality is NOT always better than quantity.
The single parent thought is that i can see how hard it is for single mamas and daddys out there. You have to be the parent and the friend. The good guy and the bad guy. Life is about balance and i want to provide the best for my baby