"How blessed is he who considers the helpless..." Psalm 41:1

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

in the BOX

A couple weeks ago i was feeling really down about things and situations. I was feeling just plain misunderstood. I don't mean that it's always a bad thing. For the most part i don't care if people get me! =) People just tend to assume what it is i am thinking or what my motivation is for some of the things that i do.

When i talk about feelings, future plans, or desires... here in the states i am often bombarded with "how?" "what?" "but..." etc. Maybe it's human nature to try and fit someone else's thoughts into our own little box. But what gets to me is why some people have such a small box. LOL.

Now this is another perfect example of needing grace. I give parents the most grace bc i know they are being "parental" and worry about my well-being. And i know that generally most people i know do just care. But what would be nice is that support... that positive "Go do what your heart desires and what God calls you to do." "i am HAPPY for you." and "I support you." It's really just a positive spirit. I hope that i convey that to other people too.

A friend told me tonight that i was one of the most intelligent people he knew. Boy do i have him fooled. LOL. But really, i think it's a combination of learning from others, getting out of your bubble, reevaluating yourself, being HONEST, and most importantly, prayer. You know the more you learn, the more you realize you do not know.

As i sit here and think about all of the amazing things i have seen, heard, accomplished, lived, and learned, i feel like i could write a book. I could write a travelogue, or a tortured soul romantic novel, or a cookbook ;), or a "letter to my daughters" sequel to Maya Angelou's. More to come....

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I read something today in Tom Davis' book Scared that really stuck with me... A young girl in Swaziland remembers part of an English poem called Tears by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Those tears will run
Soon in long rivers down the lifted face,
And leave the vision clear for stars and sun.

I wrote this a couple years ago, but i still feel much the same way.


another year passes, ça va, ça va
a good year that only gets better

you think this is about you mon ami
its not
rest assured its bigger than you OR me
your words are strong in their own way
i remember
its not everyday sunday

i am free as a bird, yet trapped in this heat
moving in circles, bel far niente
yet still waiting, hoping for a heartbeat
your heart IS my heart
your hand IS my hand
your swag IS my swag
the LORD is my all…
my mother, my father, my brother, sister, lover, neighbor
HE will tell me when the time is right
nos vemos algun día

my heart warms, beats fast, skips around
mi pena me hace fuerte
mis recuerdos keep me firm on the ground
i am supafly and confident
yet i am nothing compared to you
i am nothing if not passionate
the music plays and the sun goes down
i lean towards you
can you feel that?

i love both quietly and loudly – but ALWAYS hard
another year passes, i am so very blessed
i can't wait till sunday

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We are settled in for another visit. This time staying at the Habitation Hatt not far from the airport. Most all of the kids have a colds since the rainstorms last week. We were both up with our coughs most of the night, but it's still better than the bad sinus infection he had last time. My friend Ashley, who was on this trip to Uganda with me, is here too.

So yesterday evening when Chris brought him to the hotel we were in the lobby playing and he obviously didn't want his little shoes on so i helped him take them off. Something fell out of the second one and it looked like a piece of trash. I picked it up by what ended up being the tail of a tiny lizard and quickly dropped it back to the floor and pushed it out of Isaac's reach. Ashley and i just exchanged looks, like "did he really just have a baby gecko in his shoe?" LOL

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Adoption Steps

This can be very confusing and I don't understand it all myself, but this is to clarify some of your questions :)

It certainly doesn't help that Haiti is constantly changing how adoptions will be handled and ways of locating children and different orphanages may vary just a bit. However, maybe this can be a general guideline as to what the process currently is:

Step 1: Gathering your dossier and sending it off to Haiti
Step 2: Orphanage puts together dossier for your child or children
Step 3: Your dossiers go to Minister of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), 1st legal - This is where my papers are authenticated in Haiti (2-4 weeks)
Step 4: Your dossier is submitted to
IBESR, Haiti's Social Services Department - This is four stages of approval (3-6 months)
Step 5: Once your dossier is approved by
IBESR you enter Parquet (1-3 months)
Step 6: Enter Civil Court Legalization, 2
nd Legal- This is where your child or children legally become yours in Haiti! (1-2 months)
Step 7: Application for the child's Haitian Passport which starts at Ministry Of Interior (MOI) and then to Passports for printing (1-3 months)
Step 8: While the passport application is in the works your I-600 (your I-600A should have already been done during your wait) should be completed and approved.
Step 9: Visa application is filed and adoptive parents appointment in Haiti to receive the visa is scheduled. (1 week lead time)

Congratulations, It's time to bring home your child!!!

Very rough and oversimplified, but it always helps me to have a list :) I believe I'm in Step 3. Also
, my I600 was processed and approved. I receive the form I-171H. This form means I am pre-approved by the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) to adopt from Haiti!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


This was forwarded to me by my friend Katy in Santiago, Chile. True story, short film of hunger and poverty in the Philippines.
Gracias amiga. TQM.

Esta pelicula fue la ganadora en un festival de cine en Alemania...dura 6 minutos, no duden en verla hasta el final! Los comentarios se los reserva cada uno. Simplemente se pide reflexión....

Reflexionemos al respecto y tomemos conciencia no duden en verlo hasta el final

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