"How blessed is he who considers the helpless..." Psalm 41:1

Friday, January 29, 2010

KC Woman Finally Brings Home Adopted Haitian Son

Thanks Amy for the story... and thanks to my fabulous family and friends for being there to greet us and spend time his first night in KC.

I talked a lil to channel 5 reporter Amy Anderson and as soon as this statement came out of my mouth i knew they'd pick that part to air. I said "So happy to be home. I don't think i've ever been so happy to be back in kansas city, ever" LOLOLOL... 

KCTV 5 - January 29, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We Got Our Papers!

Just wanted to let everyone know. It hasn't been easy, but His House (so ironic right?) took AMAZING care of our children. Spent today at the doctor with Isaac and 3 other children who were sick or injured. Then got our Rx at Publix and headed back. They were waiting to take his photo and within 15 minutes I had my papers to take him with me!!! Of course we waited for rides and of course, I still have to ADOPT him. But I have 2 years to complete it. I've signed away my right to leave the country, even alone (OMG), without contacting DHS and will have so much red tape to go thru. But the amazing thing is he's here WITH me while i do it. Miracle after Miracle. He's absolutely the most precious child ever and i get to be his mama... :-)

Update... Miami and more waiting

Been a long day... okay long two weeks! Between the drama of not knowing if Isaac was coming and getting a ticket for this morning, cancelling it, rebooking it, etc. All i have to say is GOD IS GOOD. Isaac was granted humanitarian parole JUST last night and i want to thank Senator Bond's office for calling on my behalf. My file was one of only a few that had someone specifically lobbying for them and they knew that my baby was ill and needed urgent care.

It is a MIRACLE he's here. We (some adoptive families) spent the evening/night/early morning hours in a room at the Miami airport and then on buses to wait for the kids to land from Orlando! We left the airport to go separately to a 'remote location' to be interviewed with DHS. 

Still haven't held my boy... but just arrived back at the sbeach hotel now for a lil rest... 3 hours yay! Isaac's sick but in a bed for the first time in 2 weeks at this wonderful 'remote local' where they have cottages, food, medicine, and good people to care for them. AND i saw my sister before she headed to catch the grey hound. Can't tell you how good it was to hug n talk to her for a while :))

We will be back at it again mañana (a few hours actually). This is a process that's never been done before. Continue praying - for it to go smoothly tomorrow, for our adoptions to be completed quickly (we have 2 years parole to get it done), transitioning for the children here, and for all the orphans still in limbo. 


Monday, January 25, 2010

Isaac's in the US

Half-way home... okay not half way, but the hard part was getting him from Port au Prince to Florida. They left in the middle of the night bc a new law today was going to make it more difficult.

Natasha flew on a flight and arrived about 1 a.m. with news that Isaac was coming an hour later or the next morning (depending on who you talked to). She thought we had all been called and i explained that i hadn't been called at all.

Last night after finding out from the Haitian Adoption Task Force (these volunteers were so nice and so wonderful) that he was granted the Humanitarian Parole, i went ahead and booked the flight to Miami that i had on hold. Within minutes i had an email stating "I am sorry, but Kervenson will not be flying on this trip." Heartbreaking.

I cancelled the flight and tried to sleep. Got news from Tash about 2 hours later. It's been a rollercoaster and is def far from over. Thanks to everyone who's been praying and supporting. It means more than words can express.

Keep praying. I'm getting frantic phone calls from parents who don't have word. Give them peace of mind. Pray for the process to go quickly because it could take a while. I really want to see him today. And continue to pray for all the children of Haiti.

Friday, January 22, 2010

THE PITCH Kansas City

Amanda Taylor's photos from Haiti paint a distressing picture

Updates... embassy and the wait

They 56 kids spent last night at the US Embassy in Haiti to be the first ones in line. Important to know that no visas were denied. There was only a paper chase to get more documents so today we hope they could get these processed. If you call your Senators continue to thank them for the job they are doing. We need the Embassy to move forward. 

Then later we receive this text from orphanage director: EMBASSY STONEWALLING; MOBILIZE U.S. SENATORS.

It's frustrating to say the least. But we have to remember that we have wonderful people taking care of our children. They have what they need. Isaac may be sick (vomiting and diarrhea), but he is in good hands. 

We don't have any news, but another adoptive family helped us understand why there isn't any. Having been to that embassy, they take your cell phone away before you go through security. If you go out and use it, you must go back through security and the lines are long on a good day.

Another family adopting from HIS Home sent a message for Chris and Hal today. The Canadian government is coming to pick up and take 86 canadian kids home. We are all so happy for these children. Praise God some families are being united. Oh don't I wish I were Canadian!

P.S. Both UNICEF and RED CROSS have been very vocal in the media about their anti-adoption sentiments. And supposedly "UNICEF verbally assaulted Stephanie Thoet with A Love Beyond Borders just last night as she helped load two childrne on a plane to the Netherlands. She said that she feared her safety and the safety of the children. The Netherlands officials contacted their government and the government in fact HAD approved their evacuation. This is a very, very serious situation. These children need to get out! They have families!"

Adoption Task Force sounds like a great asset we may just need to give them time to get up & going.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

DONATIONS Eske ou ka ede nou, souple?

DONATIONS Eske ou ka ede nou, souple?

Now what all of us need to realize is that every natural disaster is a different beast.  And every organization specializes in different areas. But ALSO that the needs are constantly changing as the situation changes.

I fully understand the feeling of wanting to donate items. Reuse before you recycle right? Well it’s not that simple. We have actually had people give winter clothes for donations to Haiti. You think, no big deal, just toss it right? Well not exactly. If I don’t have time to sort ever bit of donations given and get these unusable items to Haiti: 1. They don’t have a garbage system like we do, these items end up polluting the streets of an already contaminated and overcrowded area and 2. Items like pharmaceuticals not needed in there or long expired can not be discarded safely without further contaminating the ground and water and 3. The people who try to throw out these items can be in actual legal trouble if someone takes the discarded items and try to resell them. Again this is a very viable outcome (see my photo of a Haitian “Wall-mart”)

Another thing to think about, and my local business, fair trade buying friends will understand this, is that buying items regionally helps to put money back into the economy there. It helps to stimulate growth.

Not only do we want to aid and give relief to the people of Haiti. We want to rebuild. Give RESTORATION. In my eyes this comes in two forms: 1. Showing God’s love by helping to rebuild a community infrastructure for sustainability and 2. Prayers – continually for the people and theirs hearts for GOD. 1 Thessalonians 5:17

I want to make a list of the orphanages I am deeply invested in and where the money myself (and Embrace Point) are giving to 100%. Now I can’t tell you what exactly the fund will be used for as the need changes daily. In the beginning it was for food, medical supplies, and water to one orphanage, then another fell in the aftershocks, then it was brought to my attention another could house more homeless and orphaned individuals with money to buy provisions for more people, etc. So as the funds come in and as the opportunity arises to get them there I will keep you all abreast of how we are all pulling together to help.

Here are the places with children near and dear to my heart!

His Home for Children (where I am adopting from)
Dorothy’s Infant Rescue (located in Port au Prince)
Much Ministries (non profit based in GA where my sister works)
JBA Haiti affiliated with Cabaret Baptist Children's School & Home (where my family and I have been volunteering for six years)
Again, God Bless. As I reposted on Twitter and FB "dont kid urself, a hot meal, a hot shower, and some loving friends is no small thing... Im soo thankful!" – Rev Run Wisdom

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Updates... tents and visas

Chris (orphanage director) is headed to the Embassy tomorrow morning with 56 children that comprise groups 1 & 2. If their visas are finalized they could be headed to OH on an American Airlines flight

Group 1 - Children who are sick and needing medical attention

Group 2 - Children whose papers where in IBESR (second legal) and beyond

Group 3 - Children who qualify for the Humanitarian parole but are not yet in second legal

Isaac and I are in group 3 (i think), but I got a message from my mom that she heard from Tasha they were moving him to group 1 since he is sick!

The tents arrived today and they were setting them up for sleeping quarters. Finally some shelter. Supplies were ok – but they are VERY excited to get the shipment coming in from those at the DR border tonight. They are in DIRE NEED of diapers! Oh imagine that one!
Chris mentioned that we want to be prepared as parents for is the fact that many children are taking the earthquakes well, but many also seem to be terrified to go into buildings because they’ve seen the devastation when buildings have collapsed. She said they are VERY excited but are also upset realizing that they are going to be splitting up very soon.
Continue to.... you guessed it! PRAY

Prayer Vigil for the people of Haiti

The community is invited to St. James United Methodist Church at 7 p.m. for a community prayer vigil for the people of earthquake-stricken Haiti.

The Rev. Judson Pierre of the First Haitian Baptist Church will join U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, who is a United Methodist minister. St. James is at 5540 Wayne Ave.

Thank you Kansas City

More media, more help, more caring people... 

KC Star article today

KCBC TV 9 short bit with Peggy Breit at P&L yesterday

FOX4 News KC interview with Eric Burke

More Updates... Praying for papers (as always;))

"Chris (Chris and Hal are the orphanage directors) is at the AA hanger in PAP. She said they have agreed to fly the children out for free as soon as their papers are ready. And, have also offered to get the children to their home cities. I don't know any details. She also said the 74 children getting adoption VISAs are fine (still getting the paperwork finalized), but that we need to keep trying to push humanitarian parole for the other 25 at His Home for Children. She had to cut the call short, but asked me to call her again later."

A group of adoptive fathers and mothers landed in the DR, and are loaded, and I quote "In a beautiful chartered bus with air conditioning driving along the ocean.  We're gonna sleep well and be ready!"  GOD IS SO GOOD!  

1 Thessalonians 5:17 - pray without ceasing

This morning's quake

My people are OKAY! The children of HIS Home do not have shelter which turned out to be a blessing in this morning's aftershock registering a 6.0 Earthquake. Dorothy and the kids are okay. And the Children at Cabaret Children's Home are reported fine as well. MESI JEZI. And thank you for all of your concerns. Just trying to get them out....


Homeland Security and State Department approved the Humanitarian Parole on Monday. Kervenson (Isaac) and I meet these qualifications. Thanks for your letters. Do not need anymore for that particular part. It worked!!!  Hal, the orphanage director went to the US Embassy yesterday. He is working on a plan to get our children home, in different groups. I have no idea when, but ANY DAY.  
Tasha is thinking of staying through February.

It is confusing about where I should send what documentation, but I'm working very hard. I will continue to do what I'm doing... these donations are going to people I know and trust in Haiti 100%... no overhead and no help for getting Isaac here unless someone only gives for that. I feel I can muster those resources. I had planned to strap my self with the limit thru customs of $10K and go back, but it looks like I need to stay ready to pick Isaac up in Florida or Chicago. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

message i received... please HELP... contact CNN?

This is the AC360 blog comment I saw last night that I want to make sure gets good attention. I sent it as a news tip to CNN, called CNN twice, called the US missing person line that was posted on Larry King last night (twice), but no one seemed to be hearing me. Surely they're on it, but I hate to leave that to chance.


Here it is:

Johnny Cummins January 18th, 2010 10:26 pm ET

Patricia Joseph From Magaly Delva, Petrouchka Moise: If anyone has contact on the ground in Haiti, my cousin Ginette is in the Banque National de Credit, and she is alive with others but they are trapped under the rubble. There are more than 10 people still alive... if you can pass this on, I would be so grateful.

Local Support

KCTV 5 News Story on Jan. 18, 2010 continue to pray and get the word out. Fundraising and Aid still my number one priority as my baby is likely going to be home soon! Let's pull together and and help everyone. 

KPRS HOT 103 JAMZ Online with my really good friends JT Quick and Sean Tyler yesterday. Thank you. MESI ZONMI MWEN!

Bush on CNN

Former Presidents Bush and Clinton were together on CNN and I wanted to reiterate what was said to the people about giving. Sunday morning, President Bush noted strongly, that "you don't need to worry about the faith-based groups, they were there before the earthquake and they will be there (in Haiti) long after everyone is gone. They know what it means to love their neighbor as themselves."  

"The most effective way for Americans to help the people of Haiti is to contribute money. That money will go to organizations on the ground and will be – who will be able to effectively spend it. I know a lot of people want to send blankets or water – just send your cash."

Miracles Come From Tragedies

When i have time i will finally begin to look for tickets to Miami to meet my baby. INSHALAH. And start looking for winter clothes for him. OMGoodness.... 

Thank you for continued support and donations. Hope to see every one of my KC peeps at P&L tomorrow! We have a very long journey of recovery, rebuilding, and rebirth in one of my favorite countries in the world.... HAITI


Monday, January 18, 2010

Please write to Senators & Congressman on our behalf

Please everyone start writing your congressmen (if you haven't already) asking for Humanitarian Parole or evacuation for adoptive children in Haiti you do not have to be adopting to do this. Just tell your representative you expect them to push for this today!!!!

Example letter before to help you start. 

Also as you write your congressmen please write to Senator Richard Lugar in Indiana. He is the main man in Foreign Affairs so even if you don't live in Indiana he needs to hear from you. Ask him to work with your Senator in getting this done. He is working very hard in getting this so add him to your list.

link = 

Dear Senator Bond & McCaskill & Lugar,

I am contacting you in regards to the pending adoptions of Haitian orphans. Please use your platform to expedite the process of these children coming to be with their families here in the US. Prior to the quake the situation in Haiti was dire...now it has become devastating. These babies and children need stability, they need a home, they need love, and they need to be with their family. 

A dear friend of mine, Amanda Taylor, in Kansas City, MO is in the process of adopting a baby boy, Kervenson Merant, born April 29, 2008 from HIS Home for Children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Orphanage directors Hal and Chris Nungester have reported that Orphanage did not hold up due to aftershocks and the children are staying in a field outside of Quisqueya Chapel in the same Delmas neighborhood. 

Thousands of children have become orphaned in the past week and many more will continue to become orphaned as additional Haitian's die from their injuries. We may not be able to save every life, or change the outcome of every situation, but we can make a difference for those that are still alive. The children currently in the orphanages who have pending US adoptions should be eligible for refugee status or have their adoptions expeditied by the US government.

USCIS has the authority to issue a humanitarian parole for Kervenson Merant to travel to the United States to live with his mother pending final adoption processing in Haiti. While granting a humanitarian parole is outside the normal procedures, the United States government has granted them in the past (e.g. Cambodia and Romania).

Many of the these orphanages are already overcrowded, and without the means to provide for the children. As additional children come to these orphanages, resources could be more readily available if some of the pending adoptive children are sent to their US families. PLEASE help these families, and children, you have the voice.



Sunday, January 17, 2010

Miracles Can Happen

And Miracles Do Happen. 

Check This Video... Some of the photos are my very own!

"The people of Haiti will not be forsaken"

REALLY??? And to think I voted for you.

When did the tarmac turn into a traffic jam? I was at the Port-au-Prince airport from sunrise until almost sunset on Thursday. I left more than 48 hours after the quake and when I did I saw nothing of the sort at the airport. Very few planes and most of what came out the airport doors were reporters.

Why did China make it to Haiti before the US? Why if I was Canadian could I have been evacuated with little wait. WHY?

I know I sound cynical. And maybe I am, but I am also grateful that aid has picked up. I'm grateful for the people all around the world who are giving with open hands and open hearts. Please don't stop. There is so much to do. LET US ALL BRING RESTORATION TO HAITI. And let this tragedy become a new beginning for the nation, building a better infrastructure and sustainability.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Praise the Lord, we survived the quake!

Dorothy Pearce, my sister, and myself were on our way to Sacred Heart Hospital (CDTI), near the strongest area of the earthquake when it occurred. We had just left HIS Home for Children, where the 21-month old boy I am in the process of adopting livesMy initial thought was we were being bombed. In the car about 20 yards from the hospital gate we saw walls crashing into the street ahead in a wave toward the car. Not knowing what was actually happening all I could think of was to put the car into reverse. Dorothy was able to make one call out to her son in the US and the best we could hope was that he would tell our families that we survived the first quake.

Upon arriving to the hospital patients were being evacuated and injured people came to the gate from the streets. The nanny, Jesula, staying with 7-year old Poutchino from Dorothy's Infant Rescue was on the curb in shock. My sister, Natasha Taylor, ran in for young, sick Poutchino. 

Hospital personnel worked throughout the night. The parking lot quickly turned into a massive clinic with severe devastation all around. Dorothy and I took turns holding a flashlight for a surgeon who was stitching wounds and gradually learned to do more. The screams of pain, devastation, and sorrow became a constantThroughout the night people banged on the large metal gate to get in. Bodies lay spread all across the hospital parking lot with cries and the stench of blood and urine. Dead bodies were being stacked off to the side. Eventually many people were given IVs, they hung from tree limbs and parked cars. Later that evening the nurses and doctors distributed pain pills. 

After holding a flashlight and surgical instruments I sat down from feeling light-headed and of nausea. On the curb a 12-year old girl who had just had a hand injury wrapped lay nearby watching me. I smiled to her and she slowly grabbed my hand. As I comforted her in a language she doesn't even understand she moved and curled her body around my feet. Eventually after she told me she was cold and needed a blanket I helped to carry her to the back of our car where Jesula sat trying to recover from shock and Natasha cared for Poutchino.

I spent much of the remainder of the night comforting this young girl. We sang and prayed together. She moaned and cried for me to hold her and to lay down. Elevating her arm that was bleeding rapidly thru the gauges was difficult. I cannot even begin to describe the night sitting there with her as she moved around and finally fell in and out of sleep. 

Around 11 a.m. we finally got word that the children at Dorothy's home were okay. Then shortly after noon the two of us ventured out to the street in search of food and water, not knowing how we'd get the car out to get home because it was too far to walk. There were so many people, displaced and wandering, some with their belongings and a disturbing yet promising feeling of calm. Until the shock wears off the riots had not yet started. Nothing was open! We found no food, but were able to buy water and bottle soda and headed back. 

Almost 24 hours later one of the cars belonging to a doctor was moved so that we could move a minimal amount of bodies to get the car out of the parking lot we lived in for a day to make our way back to the house and to check on the children in the orphanage. Despite rumors in the US that we had talked to our family we had no communication with friends and family back in the states. We arrived home and took Poutchino to get an IV from Chris with HIS Home for Children. This allowed me to see my son for a few short minutes and he is OKAY. 

The next morning I went to the airport and spent from sunrise to almost sunset alone with others trying to leave. My flight was scheduled for that morning. I stayed not even knowing if commercial flights would be running and without communication to get a ride back home if I was still there at nightfall. The airport remained closed and despite US military taking it over, very little planes came in outside of reporters and crews. I fought a mob of people holding American passports to get onto a Vision Airlines flight that was less than half full, headed to Miami. Praise Jesus! MESI JEZI! 

Upon arrival to the US all I want to do is go back. My sister and the children at Dorothy's home are okay, but quickly running out of provisions. Last night I found out that my son and those from HIS Home for Children have been displaced. The house did not hold up from the aftershocks. Words cannot express the amount of worry, nor the amount of faith this takes for all involved. It is devastation beyond comprehension. There is a reason God wants me home (for right now)... even if it's just a voice for the people of Haiti and what is going on there now. They have need for protein-based food, water, fuel, and most of all CASH!!!! ANY amount of donation you can give is appreciated! 

God bless,

Friday, January 15, 2010

pray without ceasing

The entire situation is absolutely overwhelming. Through it all two things keep coming to my mind. 

First, I've been singing and humming the song "Mesi Jezi" or "Thank You Jesus". We are so lucky that we are alive and that people are being civil and pulling together to help one another in HAITI. 

The second is the verse 1 Thessalonians 5:17 - pray without ceasing

I arrived tonight on an evacuation flight to Miami. Tasha, Isaac, and I are all ok. Mesi Jezi. please PLEASE please keep haiti in your prayers.

Friday, January 8, 2010

mwen renmen Ayiti!

So last year i posted when it was Davidson's birthday and now i'm here at Cabaret Children's Home on his 7th birthday!!! Each month they have a family night one Friday (and if David or a group are here they plan it for then). And amazingly enough it happens to be Friday today. Idk if he even knows today is his birthday yet, but after school lets out we will celebrate. And i'll be sure to post pics from tonight later.