"How blessed is he who considers the helpless..." Psalm 41:1

Monday, January 25, 2010

Isaac's in the US

Half-way home... okay not half way, but the hard part was getting him from Port au Prince to Florida. They left in the middle of the night bc a new law today was going to make it more difficult.

Natasha flew on a flight and arrived about 1 a.m. with news that Isaac was coming an hour later or the next morning (depending on who you talked to). She thought we had all been called and i explained that i hadn't been called at all.

Last night after finding out from the Haitian Adoption Task Force (these volunteers were so nice and so wonderful) that he was granted the Humanitarian Parole, i went ahead and booked the flight to Miami that i had on hold. Within minutes i had an email stating "I am sorry, but Kervenson will not be flying on this trip." Heartbreaking.

I cancelled the flight and tried to sleep. Got news from Tash about 2 hours later. It's been a rollercoaster and is def far from over. Thanks to everyone who's been praying and supporting. It means more than words can express.

Keep praying. I'm getting frantic phone calls from parents who don't have word. Give them peace of mind. Pray for the process to go quickly because it could take a while. I really want to see him today. And continue to pray for all the children of Haiti.


Anna said...

hey lady. what do you need to get your place ready for him? clothes? food? bedding? let me know!!! i'm ready, and so are some other folks, to help however!

AT said...

everything! LOL. there's a link to my registry on my blog and i'm also on babies r us :))