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Monday, January 18, 2010

Please write to Senators & Congressman on our behalf

Please everyone start writing your congressmen (if you haven't already) asking for Humanitarian Parole or evacuation for adoptive children in Haiti you do not have to be adopting to do this. Just tell your representative you expect them to push for this today!!!!

Example letter before to help you start. 

Also as you write your congressmen please write to Senator Richard Lugar in Indiana. He is the main man in Foreign Affairs so even if you don't live in Indiana he needs to hear from you. Ask him to work with your Senator in getting this done. He is working very hard in getting this so add him to your list.

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Dear Senator Bond & McCaskill & Lugar,

I am contacting you in regards to the pending adoptions of Haitian orphans. Please use your platform to expedite the process of these children coming to be with their families here in the US. Prior to the quake the situation in Haiti was dire...now it has become devastating. These babies and children need stability, they need a home, they need love, and they need to be with their family. 

A dear friend of mine, Amanda Taylor, in Kansas City, MO is in the process of adopting a baby boy, Kervenson Merant, born April 29, 2008 from HIS Home for Children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Orphanage directors Hal and Chris Nungester have reported that Orphanage did not hold up due to aftershocks and the children are staying in a field outside of Quisqueya Chapel in the same Delmas neighborhood. 

Thousands of children have become orphaned in the past week and many more will continue to become orphaned as additional Haitian's die from their injuries. We may not be able to save every life, or change the outcome of every situation, but we can make a difference for those that are still alive. The children currently in the orphanages who have pending US adoptions should be eligible for refugee status or have their adoptions expeditied by the US government.

USCIS has the authority to issue a humanitarian parole for Kervenson Merant to travel to the United States to live with his mother pending final adoption processing in Haiti. While granting a humanitarian parole is outside the normal procedures, the United States government has granted them in the past (e.g. Cambodia and Romania).

Many of the these orphanages are already overcrowded, and without the means to provide for the children. As additional children come to these orphanages, resources could be more readily available if some of the pending adoptive children are sent to their US families. PLEASE help these families, and children, you have the voice.

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