"How blessed is he who considers the helpless..." Psalm 41:1

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Update... Miami and more waiting

Been a long day... okay long two weeks! Between the drama of not knowing if Isaac was coming and getting a ticket for this morning, cancelling it, rebooking it, etc. All i have to say is GOD IS GOOD. Isaac was granted humanitarian parole JUST last night and i want to thank Senator Bond's office for calling on my behalf. My file was one of only a few that had someone specifically lobbying for them and they knew that my baby was ill and needed urgent care.

It is a MIRACLE he's here. We (some adoptive families) spent the evening/night/early morning hours in a room at the Miami airport and then on buses to wait for the kids to land from Orlando! We left the airport to go separately to a 'remote location' to be interviewed with DHS. 

Still haven't held my boy... but just arrived back at the sbeach hotel now for a lil rest... 3 hours yay! Isaac's sick but in a bed for the first time in 2 weeks at this wonderful 'remote local' where they have cottages, food, medicine, and good people to care for them. AND i saw my sister before she headed to catch the grey hound. Can't tell you how good it was to hug n talk to her for a while :))

We will be back at it again mañana (a few hours actually). This is a process that's never been done before. Continue praying - for it to go smoothly tomorrow, for our adoptions to be completed quickly (we have 2 years parole to get it done), transitioning for the children here, and for all the orphans still in limbo. 



Ashley Smith said...

My heart just did a leap for joy!!! :) I'm so glad to know they're going to finish up the entire adoption process. God is SO good. :) So happy for you my love. Please keep me posted. Do you have clothes and a car seat for when you bring him hom? Let me know how I can help.
Love love love.

bri-bri said...

i get so teary every time i read about this journey! i'm so, so happy for you amanda... including being happy that you were able to see your sister for a brief time. i'm sure that did wonders for your soul.