"How blessed is he who considers the helpless..." Psalm 41:1

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We are settled in for another visit. This time staying at the Habitation Hatt not far from the airport. Most all of the kids have a colds since the rainstorms last week. We were both up with our coughs most of the night, but it's still better than the bad sinus infection he had last time. My friend Ashley, who was on this trip to Uganda with me, is here too.

So yesterday evening when Chris brought him to the hotel we were in the lobby playing and he obviously didn't want his little shoes on so i helped him take them off. Something fell out of the second one and it looked like a piece of trash. I picked it up by what ended up being the tail of a tiny lizard and quickly dropped it back to the floor and pushed it out of Isaac's reach. Ashley and i just exchanged looks, like "did he really just have a baby gecko in his shoe?" LOL

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