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Monday, February 1, 2010

from Haiti to the USA... what to expect

Last night i found myself sad that Isaac is so young and will not really remember Haiti. It's not so much that he can't speak kreyol (and i really want him to learn), but i wish he could sing to me... the other adoptive parents of Haiti know what i mean. They sing and dance so much i feel a little sad he can't learn that here. Maybe we'll move back to Haiti ;)

On the other hand, we are so lucky he won't remember much of the earthquake and the tougher things. He isn't experiencing so much of the trauma the other children are. A facebook friend commented that "..after everything you and him have gone through its nice to know from now on he'll have a fighter in his momma always at his back. Enjoy!"

Chris posted the following after so many families were writing about the children being deathly afraid of family pets. Luckily Isaac is so young he has no problem with Maya. ... 
"according to Haitian beliefs, cats can change into Loogaroos, loup-garou (pronounced lugaru) – it’s the French word for werewolf – basically. Kids are afraid of them for the reason that some cats are thought to change into people which can steal children. If a cat walks directly at them looking into their eyes, it is thought to be a loogaroo. If it runs away, it is considered to be a stupid cat that is just afraid of people. Dogs pose a different threat. Dogs are not kept in Haiti as pets. Their only purpose is for guarding the home. Dogs are intentionally taught to attack strangers, and children are taught to avoid ALL dogs because they are considered dangerous."

Tonight i listened in on the Haitian Adoption Trauma Webinar. It was educational and some a little repetitive to me. So, I'm sad he won't remember all this and glad at the same time. What i have to do is just makes sure he knows and loves Haiti and where he came from just like so many of us do!

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Ashley Smith said...

Can't WAIT to meet him!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)