"How blessed is he who considers the helpless..." Psalm 41:1

Thursday, July 2, 2009

latest, greatest, family pics

Isaac and David in the Pak-n-Play

We were so lucky to get to visit Cabaret Children's Home the day the crew went to the beach. Such a weird feeling having my Bercy kids meet my bebe. The kids embraced him like one of theirs. It was so so precious. Especially Nalda... she just loved him!

Charlene, Isaac, & Vedeline

Nalda & Isaac

Vedeline, Isaac, & Mirlourdes

Wanna & Davidson

Mirlourdes, Wanna, & Me

Car ride thru Haiti

Gma, Isaac, & Me

bb asleep in his Husler onsie LOL

Posin' poolside at the Villa Therese

Playing at the restaurant at the Baptist Mission

Everyone's sleeping on the way back down the mountain!

Isaac sportin' his onsie from Africa :)

And playin with his giraffe Aunt Ashley get him at the market

Isaac & his older gf Livie ;)

Schella & Isaac. She's so good with him :)

Wow! pool water!

Nap time zzzzzzzz

Rosetaina Bertrand, born July 19 2007, died July 7, 2009.
Ti-Rose as they called her at Dorothy's... at 20 months weighed only 10.5 lbs when they took her in.

At Mama Dorothy's with Isaac & Gertie

Up playin way past bedtime!

Can u believe we woke him up to open his birthday presents with the rest of the kids at the O?! But Felinta was more than willing to help!


Igor Lukin said...

good photos :)

Toni, Greg, Baby Dane and Puppy Jaxson said...

He is so adorable! When do you get to take him home for good? I bet its so hard to leave him behind.

AT said...

it is hard. but i think it'll be harder when he starts to understand when i leave. miss u toni!