"How blessed is he who considers the helpless..." Psalm 41:1

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sincere Thanks

To everyone who donated time, money, goods, effort to the children in Uganda and Haiti.THANK U. On the ground in Uganda we were able to provide $2500 to Rapha from money you guys sent! They are building a kitchen (mostly. . .just getting it enough done to make it workable and will have to finish it later) and buy supplies to be able to feed all of the children in the school. Note: They were originally going to buy beds, but it is more important to EAT then have your own bed! We provided $100 for rice, beans AND MEAT one day. And $100 for Nabakalu to provide the same for our visit there. We also purchased 150 nets (43 will go to Pastor John's Ministry along with 8 mattresses. They had NO nets and 8 of their mattresses had been destroyed in a fire). We also gave Rapha 7 nets to replace ones with holes in them. We provided 100 nets to give away in Soroti as we see needs. We got a GREAT price of 4800 ugx which is only $2.25 per net!... much cheaper than the states.
997 Toothbrushes
327 Tubes of Toothpaste + 161 one time toothpaste samples
4548 Pencils + uncounted crayons and markers
1061 pairs of underwear
1 suitcase full of clothes (packed!)
1 suitcase full of shoes

Also thanks to everyone who donated to HIS Home for Children in Haiti. It means so much to me, but even more to those who receive your generous gifts =)

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