"How blessed is he who considers the helpless..." Psalm 41:1

Friday, February 13, 2009

Isaac Mérant Taylor

...or so that will be his name. inshalla. i finally decided so those of you who were tired of referring to him as my lil man have an official name... unofficially. i won't change it legally till his placement, but in the meantime he can get used to it and they will still call him Kervenson at the "O" so not to complicate paperwork, and confuse the birth family and the nannies.

i'm absolutely 110% in LOVE with this lil baby. he was such a joy to have with me. he laughs and giggles and screams and squeals. it's so precious and i miss the sound of his baby babble so much already. Isaac means "laughter" and was so fitting. just look at him.

anyway, we all had a great time at Villa Therese. i stayed in my first haitian hotel and really enjoyed the company of those from HIS Home and others adopting. the coffee and food were great and it had a nice little pool. who from KC doesn't love 80 degree weather in february?!? Chris and Hal did a wonderful job planning and keeping up with a million things at once. God bless them =) i'll post more pictures soon.

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Erin In KC said...

I told you he looked like an Isaac!!!