"How blessed is he who considers the helpless..." Psalm 41:1

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In Haiti

For those of you that don't have facebook and haven't seen.... my Ma and i are safely in haiti. Spent today lounging around the pool with the kids and got to meet my lawyer for the first time. We found out that the new laws aren't officially in effect yet, but as of january this year they are cracking down on min and max age of adoptive parents. The word in the mtg was that it was 35 for single parents and at least one of the parents (in a couple married at least 5 yrs) must be 35. Please pray i don't have to wait 6 years just to start. That is not even an option in my mind. 30 years old may be fine. I've never minded getting older, but i've never in my life wanted my next birthday to come so badly (i turn 30 november this year).

We also had a very nice lunch with Dorothy, Casey, and Mickenson and his mother. For those of you who do not know, Dorothy runs an infant rescue in PAP and i have had the pleasure of staying with her the last couple trips. Casey is part of the Brooks clan in GA that my sister, Natasha, is going to stay with this week and will be there for a few months helping with Much Ministries. Mickenson is a precious little boy waiting to have a surgery that was funded by my Ma and folks at KC Life Ins in KCMO.

We have a couple great photographer types on this trip so i'm sure to have a bunch of fotos in about a week

Tomorrow we are headed to the playa.... =)

Also... i'd like to thank everyone back home for the support, baby gifts, donations, prayers and most of all LOVE.


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Anna said...

so glad you made it! i'm excited to keep up on your blog. i'm also praying that you don't have to wait that long... that's nuts!