"How blessed is he who considers the helpless..." Psalm 41:1

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Isaac's health update

Since my last visit, my prayers have focused much more on one realization: my baby is getting older and I desire so much for him to do so with me. I want to give him the one-on-one attention and interaction he deserves. His life, just like all of ours, is in His hands. I have faith that it will all be fine, but as a mama I just want the very best for him always.  

Kervenson (Isaac) recently went to the doctor. He has been shaking his head quite a bit, especially when sitting alone and when there is a lot of commotion around. She thinks it's a habit kind of like sucking his thumb. (A self-stim behavior). She did not think it was a neurological disorder, but encouraged his caregivers to make sure that he gets lots of extra attention, as he doesn't usually do it when he is focused on something.  

He was also evaluated by the psychologist (he needs these evaluations for his file as well) and just got that report back this week.  She feels that it could be neurological, but isn't sure so she recommended a neurological consult to get another opinion. They will try to schedule that within the next week. On his psych. eval. he tested at 1 year, 3 months instead of 1 year, 6 months. This does not worry me too much bc as many of you know children are behind by own development standards in these types of environment and in developing countries. His issues are that he is not walking or holding a cup to drink by himself yet... (although he did the cup thing fine with me :) ). She recommended the same thing as the doctor... Lots of 1 on 1 attention. And thought that he would catch up quickly with that.

His recent cold/cough is gone and Chris has been giving his meds AM and PM. She is having the girls bring him up to the balcony in the afternoons so they can meke sure he gets lots of attention :)  The upstairs at the "O" is where Chris and Hal eat, sleep, and care for their own kids as well as those with extra special medical needs and new additions. It makes me feel so much better to know he'll get the extra attention and LOVE. 

Please continue to PrAY pRaY PrAy!


Kristen said...

we will be praying. i wish he was here with you. love, johnny and kristen.

Natasha Rae Taylor: lovex3 said...

will do sister!

AT said...

thanks family. i wish he was too. soon and very soon :-)

Ashley Nichole said...

I'll be thinking about you both!

Amanda said...

I will pray for him as well...Davids psychologial evaluation stated that he may be ADHD to which we replied OK he will fit right in :) I think its hard to tell with the situation they are in, physically they are well provided for, but they need that one on one loving and mental stimulation,,I will pray for him