"How blessed is he who considers the helpless..." Psalm 41:1

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Prayers for Another Person I ♥

I thought i'd write a quick update about my girl, Marie-Louise (Mellis) Casey. As some of you know she was in a coma the better part of 2006 and has been struggling with a difficult recovery since late that year. Her husband, Kowin, went to a Blue Valley school just like i did. The two of them have a little boy named Nils. Because of our broken health care system here Mellis ended up moving back to Sweden, where she's from, hoping for better results.

We have emailed and spoke some, but she doesn't have a computer at home. Last week she sent me a letter (with photos:) and I keep thinking about how hard it must be for her. My heart aches for my son who is far away and i know she feels the same. The doctors have decreased her meds from 36 pills/day to 16 and it is difficult to say the least. She is also going to start on some new medications and has made more progress in 9 months there than she did in 3 years here in the States. Her seizures have decreased and her relationship with the Lord has been strengthened. 

Although many of you have not met her, she is a wonderful person and a dear friend of mine. She cried with me the day that Big got his visa and i cried with her in ICU too many times to count. Please keep Mellis, her mother, and the Caseys in your prayers for me too. 

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AT said...

Just thought i'd let you all know that Mellis and her mama have a new computer since this post. Thanks for all your prayers!