"How blessed is he who considers the helpless..." Psalm 41:1

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

dossier updates

today i got my baby bag for him... so excited to fill it :)

i am headed back to the bank in a few to get that reference done. turns out they need a free form and i had to call customer solutions last night and although it took a while, was really helpful. they lady in FLA i spoke with is hoping to go to volunteer in the Congo and said after our conversation she really wanted to pursue it.

also, finally heard from my lawyer... she'd been on vacation. so even though i wasn't worried, it's nice to touch base.

having a very difficult time finding a psychologist who is willing to take new patients and/or do just a one page report for me. i did find one, but it is much much more costly than i had expected. i have an appt to take the MMPI test on friday and THEN i'll be able to meet with her and she will complete my psyc evaluation report.

as for the translation, i did contact one of my references and she isn't taking any new dossiers until after the 20th this month. i may not be ready till then so we will see. there is another woman in FLA who is supposed to be good and have a quick turn around, but again pricey...

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