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Monday, December 8, 2008

The Announcement Letter

Dear family and friends,

So as some of you already know, over the past year i've been thinking, researching, and resisting... but it's meant to be... I'm adopting finally! A baby boy from Haiti and from HIS Home for Children orphanage. I've started a blog (no worries i'm not usually long-winded) and will post photos and news and FAQ type stuff for anyone interested.

His name is Kervenson Mérant and he's 7 months old. He was born April 29th, 2008 in City Soleil... a city named in '04 by the UN as the most dangerous city on earth, and certainly the poorest of Haiti. He is on track for his weight and actually a lil long for his age, which is a blessing bc many of the babies there are extremely underweight and malnourished. He has such a personalty. I am sure you all will love him! :)

I am really excited, and of course, really anxious about the amount of time, money, and faith the entire process takes... Let alone being a new mama. I am doing an independent adoption (no agency involved) and have already completed my home study and sent in the contract. As soon as i can complete and gather all the necessary documents for my dossier (authenticated and french-translated legal documents to gain custody of him in Haiti by the foreign court, so i can bring him home to the US for adoption here) and hire a lawyer, the process will begin. I've been told that from there, best-case-scenario, could still be a year and a half or so. It's really hard to think about how long it could take, but i hope to visit him as often as i can. Inshala. Since the riots earlier this year over rising food cost in Haiti, they now have a new Prime Minister, Michele Pierre-Louis. Supposedly things are running smoother than before (maybe w a woman it'll stay that way. lol) and this includes adoptions, so i pray that continues.

Ya, i just wanted to share the news and thank you for all your support and love. Happy Holidays to everyone this year.

Con todo mi cariño,

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Cathy said...

I will be praying for you and for those involved in Haiti, especially for your dear son. He is beautiful. Thanks for sharing with me.
Love ya